Auckland Airport Mountain Bike Trails

Learn to fly - on your bike!

NOTE: Sadly Auckland Airport seem to have lost the motivation to keep this MTB Park open - it has been getting closed on and off throughout 2017/8. Best way to check if it is open is via their Facebook page for what they call "The District":


This park opened in November 2013 thanks to the efforts of Auckland International Airport Ltd, complete with Pump Track!'s very own Gabb was busy through 2013/4 designing trails for the awesome Waitawa Regional Park at East Auckland (see article here), but that didn't stopped him from stepping up to work with AIAL to create a great little MTB park right on Airport land close to the main terminals in Mangere.

Called the Runway MTB Park, this system of short loops is part of the big project Auckland International Airport Limited have done to attract people and businesses to the area.  Featuring some great landscaping The District (as it is being called) will feature sports fields, an art trail, concert venue, expanded retail and a cool big playground right next to the MTB Park.

Situated behind the retail block that includes The Warehouse and Countdown, the Runway MTB Park includes a rather cool Pump Track as well as lots of great features along the various loops that you can ride.  Designed for all levels of riders (we want the whole family to enjoy!), there is enough to keep even the most experienced rider entertained.  As there are well over 10,000 people that work in the immediate vacinity, this will be a great opportunity for them to get/keep fit.

A fine mix of berms and flat corners makes for a good test of skills.

There wasn't much gradient to work with, but where we could, we added some runs that should get the blood pumping!

Twist through 'Dunlop Corner' like the Speed Racer - a creative use of 'rubbish' that was lying around.  Thanks to Tony 'Cyclops' Knaggs of Knaggs Construction who have built these trails.


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    Learn to fly - on your bike!

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    Auckland Airport MTB Trails

    Learn to fly - on your bike!

    Yes, it is true - there are MTB trails at Auckland Airport! And our very own Gabb was the leading designer!

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