Auckland's Ambitious Plans for Cycling

Proof will be in the pudding

Our Auckland editors naturally like to use their bikes to get around. But New Zealand's largest city is not that cycle friendly as the area is hardly flat and there are a lot of cars, busses and trucks around!

Some of the existing cycleways are pretty cool though and it looks like political and social pressure is getting results.

In May of 2105 Auckland Transport brought in a new Walking and Cycling Manager from London, Kathryn King. And she has some pretty interesting plans that she is hoping will be announced by central government in July of 2015 backing a spend of $111 million to bring cycleways in many areas of Auckland.

These include backing up the new Grafton Gully Cycleway with the conversion of a disused motorway ramp over Spaghetti Junction, connecting network around Ponsonby, Parnell, Grey Lynn, K Road and eventually to the outer suburbs.

So not before time, we'll keep an eye on developments there.


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