Arch Hill Scenic Reserve mountain bike trails

MTB in the City

The Arch Hill Scenic Reserve mountain bike trails were opened in May 2010. The good news is that we hear some local mountainbikers with the help of the Auckland MTB Club and Auckland Council have done some work on these trails to sort it out.  We haven't visited them again yet but should be able to send out Ponsonby-based cyclewaynewzealand armour plated reporter Virgil Reality soon.  Stand by.

We originally said somewhat bitterly "these first trails from the Auckland City Council - whilst a positive step forward in many eyes - are a bit of a joke when you consider how much effort has been made by keen mountainbikers since the 90's to get MTB trails in Auckland.

So many promises were made that were broken (Craigaven Park, Hamlins Hill, Grafton Gully). 

This trail is tiny with poorly designed corners (steep decline into sharp 90 degree turn, yeah good one). They have proven that they no idea (employ some contractor who has zero knowledge of how an off-road cycle trail should be built, charges a large sum of money and leaves the inevitable maintenance costs to the council who will then baulk at the costs) and (until we can be proven wrong) we deem their comments that they are interested in providing for the riders to be fending stalling tactics".