Welcome to the Mighty Waikato

Covering Waikato, Hauraki. Coromandel Peninsula, northern King Country much of the Taupo District and parts of Rotorua District, the Waikato Region has become a Meca for off-road cycling in New Zealand.

The options are many and varied, from the family friendly pleasure rides of the newer Waikato Rail Trails to the more entrenched MTB networks of Te Miro (highly recommended) and Te Aroha you could spend several weeks enjoying the riding action of this vibrant region.  As most of the cyclewaynewzealand.co.nz crew live close to the Waikato, you can be assured we will be delivering plenty of great info for you.

Waikato Trails

  • Te Miro MTB Park

    Waikato, New Zealand

    Totara MTB Park, Manukau, Auckland, NZTe Miro MTB Park gets a 10 out of 10 from our grommets with great flow and the awesome "Native" trail...
  • Te Awa River Ride, Waikato

    Last update on Sun., May. 8, 2011

    Following the mighty Waikato River (New Zealand's longest) the Te Awa River Ride is a gem of a ride proving a wonderful asset for the region...
  • Building the Cycleway Can Be Dangerous

    Dramatic video

    Crane Topples

    'Dramatic' video footage shows a large crane toppling over whilst working on a bridge for the Cycleway in Waikato...

Latest News

  • Another $330m to be spent on NZ cycleways

    June 2015 and New Zealand Transport Minister Simon Bridges announced that 41 cycleways around the country will be getting what he called the "biggest investment in cycling" in NZ's history
  • Bike on Pavement

    Auckland's Ambitious Plans for Cycling

    Proof will be in the pudding

    With a proposed $111m - yes, ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS - Auckland Transport's new walking and cycling manager has some interesting thoughts on the cycleway ahead (so to speak)...
  • Hunua MTB Trails

    Waitawa Regional Park MTB Trails

    Wonderful new asset for Auckland

    Opened in October 2013, this Auckland Regional Park has had a major MTB boost over winter 2015. Check out our video of the new stuff at this fabulous piece of Hauraki magic with stunning views during an adrenaline boosting ride...

  • Auckland Airport MTB

    Auckland Airport MTB Trails

    Learn to fly - on your bike!

    Yes, it is true - there are MTB trails at Auckland Airport! And our very own Gabb was the leading designer!

  • Queen Charlotte Track now part of Cycle Trail

    Posted on Mon., Mar. 1, 2013

    Some of correspondents rate this the best multi-day ride ever. And now it gets an extra level of recognition...

Building the Cycleway Can Be Dangerous

Dramatic video

Information courtesy of www.constructiondigital.com

A dramatic toppling of a 200 ton crane was captured on video in 2010 during construction of the Huruhuru Cycleway Bridge for the Waikato River Cycleway Trail.


Fortunately no-one was injured - the crane operator acting quickly to swing his cab out of harm's way, escaping relatively unharmed.

An embankment built especially for the crane, loosened by days of heavy rainfall, slowly began to give way under the enormous weight of the machine and the bridge suspension. The video shows the operator trying to compensate just before the entire embankment collapses out from under the machine, resulting in a dramatic crash.

The failure is an expensive reminder of the importance of a solid foundation for heavy lifting, as compacting concerns were cited for the mishap.

The building of New Zealand's Cycleway is not without its own risks!  We're just please there was no major injury.  As you can see, it could easily have been a lot worse.