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Waitawa Regional Park MTB Trails

Wonderful new asset for Auckland

View below for some history.  Check out this article placed in the NZ Herald newspaper on February 2013.

Get into it!

After being closed for a couple of months for some major roads repairs, Waitawa Regional Park has had some wicked new MTB trails built.

Our very own Gabb has been involved in the design and development of the MTB trails at Waitawa. So Gabb was super stoked when he learnt that Byron Scott and Tim Hunter from Trailpro were contracted to complete some trails that had been shelved due to budget constraints.

Trailpro Tim Hunter, Trail Builder

We are now pleased to inform you that this network is well worth a visit...enjoy the amazing views whilst buzzing out on some great flowing trails through a combination of native bush,  regenerating native over logged pine and open paddocks featuring that Kiwi icon - sheep!

And here's a little teaser - cyclewaynewzealand.co.nz test rider Elvis Zaskarelli got a special ticket to pre-ride the trails on a classic Auckland mid-winter sunny day. Enjoy...


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Waitawa Regional Park is 188 hectares of park land comprises a number landscapes including: coastal and exotic forests, pastures, three small peninsulas and three beautiful coastal bays. The northwestern and north-eastern part of the site falls down steeply from the ridge, which runs southwest to northeast towards Wairoa and Waitawa Bays. Several small gullies and minor ridges bisect this coastal slope. The steep nature of this land has resulted in the area being used primarily for forestry with pines and eucalypts being the dominant species.

The park land contains two significant coastal freshwater wetlands and mature pohutukawa along the coastal fringe. There is a population of the nationally threatened shrub Pomaderris rugosa. The property has potential for ecological restoration, which will be achieved without compromising the site's recreation potential or spectacular views.

The park land has significant recreation potential. There is access to the expansive Waitawa Bay and the beaches are safe for swimming on all tides. The coastline is popular for sea kayaking. The existing wharf will offer direct access to a deep channel in the future, making it ideal for fishing and possibly public transport via the sea. The park's varied topography and settings will mean that a range of active and passive recreation will be able to be catered for.

The open countryside spaces are farmed and could also provide track networks, camping and picnic sites. There are also spectacular vistas towards Pakihi, Karamuramu (MacCallum's) and Ponui Islands, with the Coromandel Peninsula and Waiheke Island in the distance.

Park vision

The regional park land at Waitawa offers a wide range recreational activity and is focused on active recreation. It provides for activities not readily available at other parks and in doing so takes pressure off some of those parks. It is readily accessible by water and has a range of water based activity and facilitated opportunities for Aucklanders to be introduced to the coast and the outdoors in a safe setting. It also offers a site rich in cultural heritage and natural values that are managed as outstanding examples of environmental and outdoor education and conservation management.

Mountainbiking at Waitawa Regional Park

Plans are under way for an exciting network of MTB trails that we think will satisfy a wide range of riding skills.  Combine this with the stunning coastal setting and we're sure this will quickly become a regular destination for the Auckland mountainbiker.

Freaky Styley Fat Tyre Boy Dave Serf checks out the latest cutting in the Valley Loop

Some excellent drainage coming out of the Native Trail will keep the track in good condition so you can take in the awesome views of Kawakawa Bay.

This is the great view from the proposed MTB carpark.  You look across the Hauraki Gulf at Waiheke Island and the Coromandel Peninsula.

Looking south, there is a combination of clear fell and existing native. The clear fell areas will be planted with NZ native and present a great opportunity to build trails now.

There are areas like this block of Eucalyptus & native that will provide good shade already and compliment the open paddock areas.